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Are You an FFL Dealer?2020-09-21T11:08:00-07:00

We are an FFL, but we are a class 1 dealer not a class 3. We do not deal in fully automatic weapons.

Will My Gun Have to be Taken Apart?2020-08-12T10:18:38-07:00

If you firearm arrives assembled, then yes. All guns and parts have to be completely disassembled with all components separated before we can begin the coating process. We can either include this in our project quote or you can provide it to us disassembled. Feel free to reach out for more information on this process. We’re here to help!

What Sort of Things Can I Coat?2020-08-12T07:08:17-07:00

One of the most exciting advantages of Cerakote is its versatility. Aside from the extensive use of Cerakoting in the firearm realm, this product lends itself well to transforming and protecting a range of items, including eyewear, tools, watches, phone cases, knives, car and bike parts. The mind boggles at the opportunities to personalize products!

What Type of Gunsmithing Do You Offer?2020-08-12T07:02:11-07:00

We offer a slate of basic gunsmithing services, including custom enhancements, sight installation, flutes, engraving, checkering or stippling, repair, barrel work, frame work, and of course, Cerakoting.

How Long Will You Have My Gun?2020-08-12T06:54:59-07:00

The answer to this varies considerably from project to project. Factors that determine project turnaround include complexity of design, scope/size of the project, preliminary repair before coating is done, etc. We make every effort to apprise the timeline before work begins so that you can have a good estimate of the time you will be without your firearm. We also realize you will be very eager to see the final result!

How is Cerakoting Superior to Regular Finishes?2020-08-12T06:51:11-07:00

Cerakoting has been rigorously tested by various sources and found to be extremely durable, outpacing its counterparts on the market. And, the virtually limitless color and design options make it far more versatile and customizable.

What Exactly is Cerakoting?2020-08-12T06:47:40-07:00

Cerakoting is the process used to apply the proprietary product Cerakote, a ceramic based finish that is highly effective on metal, wood, plastics and polymers for cosmetic and protective purposes.



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